Trenbolone – The Widely Sought-After Bodybuilding Steroid

The bodybuilding market has several steroids to offer – trenbolone is slowly gaining popularity. In fact, the steroid’s reach has been so widespread in recent times, some bodybuilders swear by it and use it prior major competitions or for enhancing their overall physical condition. Let’s learn more about the steroid – its positives and negatives, and other pertinent attributes.

Steroid Overview

Technically, trenbolone is modified nandrolone. It is among the extremely potent anabolic steroids available on the market today. Performance competitors wanting to increase endurance, repair muscle post injury, etc. use the steroid during both their bulking and cutting cycles.


trenbolone 2According to some athletes, being on trenbolone for 30 days helped them add an additional muscle mass of 15 pounds, ensuring less accumulation of fat compared to other anabolics. Trenbolone has higher strength than testosterone. It’s class-leading with regard to lean tissue preservation, along with muscular recovery and endurance. The steroid doesn’t lead to water retention since its components don’t convert to estrogen. It cannot aromatize, which means it lowers and suppresses the estrogen level in the body. This is probably the reason why women usually don’t resort to trenbolone usage.

The steroid belongs to the same anabolics family as deca durabolin. However, it’s androgenic and anabolic rating is much higher at 500. To know more about the drug’s strength, a comparison with testosterone will be ideal. Testosterone’s androgenic and anabolic rating is a paltry 100, respectively. This clearly elucidates trenbolone’s supremacy over testosterone.

The steroid’s usage doesn’t result in gynecomastia. Veiny, hard muscles are usually the drug’s end result.


Trenbolone can be bought at veterinary supply firms and it isn’t approved to be consumed by humans. As aforementioned, the drug is high on androgens. This means continual usage of the medication can lead to prostate enlargement, kidney toxicity, hallucinations, male pattern baldness, and blood pressure problems. Liver toxicity risks exist as well. Users are, therefore, often suggested milk thistle to detoxify things.

The above mentioned side effects usually apply to consistent heavy dosages of the drug. However, some could have genetic trenbolone sensitivities that even a minor dosage could put them in trouble. Some of the additional side effects being:

• Anxiety
• Oily and acne-prone skin
• Lactation and breast growth in men
• Voice deepening
• Excessive body and facial hair
• Clitoris enlargement in women
• Prostate enlargement in men
• Cough and night sweats
• Increased aggression

Also, trenbolone has been time and again found guilty of increasing bad cholesterol. However, some cardio and a healthy diet should help address the problem.

Typically, the steroid is not meant for use by women and girls, thanks to its androgenic traits. In other words, women could possibly develop unwanted body hair growth and similar issues due to this drug.


Generally, there is no standard trenbolone dosage cycle. Athletes and bodybuilders often experiment with various permutations and combinations before arriving at what suits them the best. For the best effects, you must undergo multiple stacks and cycles.

The ideal cycle is based on the objectives and physical goals you aspire to achieve with the system. A few athletes could have adverse reactions, whereas other athletes may face no issues whatsoever.

And since the steroid is easily available in the market, you can easily experiment with or be flexible with the dosage cycles. On an average, or as a thumb rule, the dosage cycle is usually 75mg every alternate day. These may vary as per your requirements. Once your system gets accustomed to the drug, the dosage level could be increased or the drug can be taken daily. In fact, there are some who believe 40mg to 50mg of the drug every day is fine even for amateurs.

Trenbolone Cycle

Irrespective of the drug dosage, the total usage duration must be close to eight weeks. The dosage could be extended by another four weeks; but eight dosages are what a human body will find tolerable. To determine the exact cycle, it’s recommended to develop some familiarity with the hormone and use it only for particular purposes during the initial stages.

Trenbolone could be stacked with almost anything, which includes testosterone, Winstrol, or Anavar. Some athletes like to have a trenbolone-only tablets or pills cycle each week. A trenobolone cycle should typically include stacking or cutting of testosterone. The steroid is highly suppressive to organic testosterone production – the reason why cycles based on only trenbolone is usually not safe for most people.

Buying Trenbolone

Trenbolone is quite inexpensive and easily available in the black market. The drug can also be bought online, with discount offers being put up time and again. However, it’s recommended you cross-check seller reputation before making the purchase, since there are several replica drugs floating online. Generally, the sterility, safety and quality of trenbolone and similar drugs are at times under the scanner. Therefore, carefully analyze your options prior purchase.