Testosterone: Restoring Balance To The Force Within

A man’s maleness depends to a great degree on the testosterone inside him. Testosterone is a hormone naturally manufactured by the testicles and is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. Just some of these characteristics are hairiness, muscularity, brute strength and just plain bigness as seen in the typical alpha male.

testosterone 2To understand testosterone further, it is best correlated with progesterone, which is the female hormone. Estrogen, as it is also called, causes a woman to become female. Just some of these characteristics are less hair and muscles as well as generally more roundness in the anatomy. If a lady happens to have more testosterone in her body, or takes testosterone supplements, she is likely to exhibit some major features that are the exact opposite of her sex.

Just some of these variations would be more muscles, hair and squareness, anatomically speaking. These qualities only demonstrate the amazing power of testosterone in defining the sexes. There are two major kinds of testosterone, the naturally occurring and the artificial, manufactured kind.

Under normal circumstances, a man has a sufficient supply of testosterone in his body to exhibit, if not flaunt his maleness. In reality, however, many factors in the environment as well as the human diet can cause the male species to lose the edge, so-to-speak. A natural reaction would be to turn to steroids, which is basically a family of organic compounds with four rings. Testosterone is a type of steroids of the artificial kind, unless it is naturally derived from say, the male cow or bull, which is the antidote for a very popular male cologne.

Testosterone deficiency may be caused by a genetic abnormality such as Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which is when a man has an extra X chromosome in his body. Other culprits of diminishing testosterone supply are hemochromatosis or too much iron in the body, cirrhosis of the liver, and dysfunction of the pituitary gland.

If the possible causes of testosterone deficiency are scary enough, the effects are even scarier. Lack of testosterone can mean more fats, osteoporosis or fragile bones, inability to gain body mass, lack of sex drive, and worse, erectile dysfunction. Such conditions definitely warrant an intervention of the testosterone resupply variety.

While Viagra is an obvious solution for erectile dysfunction, it misses out on some points. This is why it is more practical to use Testosteroxn from the Test-Tone Elite Series. Such formulation not only increases the sex drive or prowess, the Crazymass drug naturally boosts testosterone production, which leads to more muscle gain. This is what makes Testosteroxn a more focused as well as more effective Testosterone-inducer.

It is simply the best testosterone replenishment therapy in the market. The medication utilizes testosterone to rapidly induce muscle bulk, increased red blood cells, bone growth and greater sexual performance. All it takes is one 40 mg tablet ingested three times a day with meals. When working out, the tablet is best taken from 30 to 45 minutes before hitting the gym. The benefits of testosterone are better harnessed when the formulation is used continuously over a period of two months.

Results from the testosterone supplement usually start to show within 3 to 4 weeks, or at the latest, 5 to 6 weeks. Drinking 8 to 10 huge glasses of water daily while taking the formulation helps the body break down the testosterone much better, anabolically. Anabolism breaks down large testosterone molecules into smaller parts for optimum body absorption.

Such natural process gives Testosteroxn both anabolic and androgenic properties. The product is CGMP and FDA certified, while it is DHEA-banned, due to its performance-enhancing quality. In other words, the testosterone in the health supplement is likely to give any professional athlete undue advantage during competition. He will not only look androgenic or virile in form and shape; the testosterone in him will cause him to be more powerful while being less stressed out.

The general feeling of well being and quick muscular recovery are reasons enough to prefer the testosterone inducer over other brands, although clearly, these reasons are only peripheral benefits. The saponins in Testosteroxn are responsible for extracting all the good stuff from testosterone. According to Ray Sahelian, M. D., saponins, which are complex compounds with saccharide attached to a steroid, have anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and antimicrobial properties.

So whether it is testosterone boosting or treating testosterone deficiency, the most recent Crazymass incarnation does live up to the hype as a 100 percent tribulus terrestris pure extract with 45 percent saponin concentration. The precise formulation makes the testosterone stimulant a safe alternative to pure anabolic steroids. Although the testosterone and other contents of the product require no prescription due to the absence of side effects, consulting a health professional or fitness instructor would still be a good thing to do.

Even when experts only echo Testosteroxn’s efficacy, seeking a second opinion on the supplement’s testosterone formulation and other aspects never hurts anyone. In today’s world, pollution, poor diet and diseases such as cancer often combine to emasculate an alpha male. By giving him back the testosterone supply he so deserves, balance can be restored to the force within him.