Clenbuterol | Clentrimix Is Alternative Anabolic For Clenbuterol

Would you like some help losing body fat during your cutting cycle? Have you thought about taking Clenbuterol but were concerned about its side effects? Consider an ephedrine-free alternative known as Clentrimix Elite Series ™.

What is Clentrimix?

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride has powerful anabolic properties and is most often used as a thermogenic. Clentrimix is the most potent available alternative formula to Clenbuterol, which has never gained the FDA’s approval. The Elite Series ™ fast acting Clentrimix formula works on the sympathomimetic nervous system as a thermogenic. What does that mean?

How Clentrimix Works

clenbuterol 2Thermogenic agents stimulate the body to burn fat. By working on the sympathomimetic nervous system, thermogenics stimulate your body temperature to increase. As your body temperature rises, it stimulates your metabolism to more activity. This causes your body to burn calories at an accelerated rate.

Whereas Clenbuterol is a stimulant that creates side effects, Clentrimix is an ephedrine (or stimulant) -free agent that produces no side effects at all. Its powerful formula increases your metabolism safely. When taking Clentrimix users experience none of the shakes, jitters and increased sweating Clenbuterol can cause. There are also no stimulant headaches, nausea, muscle cramps or problems sleeping either. It works safely and efficiently to help reshape your body.

Clentrimix can be used during cutting and bulking cycles to allow the body to retain its lean muscle mass while it tightens and tones. The manufacturer recommends that for your best results stack Clentrimix with these other Elite Series™ supplements:

1. Paravar
2. Winnidrol
3. Testosteroxn

The Features and Benefits of Clentrimix

Thermogenic Clentrimix burns away fat, retains lean muscles as it tones and tightens them and increases the transportation of oxygen for harder and more intense workouts. Clentrimix works to:

• Increase endurance and stamina
• Substantially reduce appetite and hunger
• Increase your ratio of muscle to fat
• Eliminates and prevents further water retention
• Increases the fiber size and composition of muscle
• Stimulates the nervous system and metabolism
• Stimulates oxygen transportation

Other benefits include:

• It is completely ephedrine-free.
• It does not require a prescription to order.
• It is taken orally — no injections are needed.
• It offers a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.
• It is completely legal.
• It is great for cutting cycles.
• Its shipping is free and discrete.
• It is designed to produce results in under two weeks.

Directions for Use

Clentrimix is available from Crazy Mass in a 90 tablet bottle for $64.99. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. The user is instructed to take one tablet three times each day. Each tablet should be taken with a meal. To achieve the best results, it is recommended the user take it continuously for two months. It is also recommended that it be stacked with Paravar, Winnidrol, and Testosteroxn for the maximum beneficial effect.

What Customers Have to Say

Customer reviews are all positive about the effects that users receive from taking Clentrimix. One reviewer reported losing 30 pounds in only one month. Another reported a 20 pound weight loss in a month. A different user wrote that he used it for three months and lost 40 pounds. One more stated he went from 230 pounds to 202 pounds in only five weeks. As a fat burner, Clentrimix works as promised.

One reviewer shared that he used Clentrimix as his main supplement ingredient in his cutting cycle. It further states that he be would not have been as successful without it. One young man reported that after the first week he could really tell he was feeling the full effects of this supplement. One user mentioned he stacked Clentrimix with Anadrolone and it worked wonders for him, increasing his strength noticeably.

Several reviewers all highly recommended that athletes and body builders use Clentrimix for their cutting cycles and were happy with their own results. One direct quote from a user summed up the feelings of many: “I got just the result I wanted”. Best of all, no one reported experiencing any side effects at all. Again a user summed it up well: “I did not get jitters like other fat burners or the side effects of (ste)roids.”


Clenbuterol is a strong anabolic fat burning agent that is not FDA approved and that produces several unpleasant side effects in some users, particularly muscle cramps and insomnia. Clentrimix is a safe and legal alternative formula that acts as a thermogenic to stimulate the body to burn away fat. Clentrimix also increases stamina and strength as it maintains, tones and tightens lean muscle mass.

Clentrimix works effectively alone to produce these benefits, but for maximum effect the manufacture recommends stacking it with three other Elite Series™ supplements: Winnidrol, Testosteroxn, and Paravar. Customers find it is very effect for their cutting cycles and helps them achieve the results they desire.